County Chairman

My name is Alfredo Arellano III and I am the Maverick County Republican Party Chairman. I assumed my role on December 8th, 2018, my 18th birthday. Although I didn’t formally take the helm as Maverick County Republican Party Chair until December of 2018, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t active before. I have been very active in the Maverick County Republican Party. In 2018 I went to the State Republican Convention in San Antonio to become more active in the political process. I was given a chance to speak to the Senate District 19 delegates about my story. It was there that I learned that we would be having a special election for Senate District 19 after our former state senator, Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio), resigned in disgrace after being found guilty on multiple charges of fraud and corruption. All of us activists and elected officials knew that we had to elect Republican Peter Flores to the position. In the first round of the election, we worked hard and pulled off a surprising first-place finish in the SD19 race. Our work wasn’t over yet because we had a runoff to win later in 2018. The Democrat opponent was former State Representative and US Representative Pete Gallegos. I, along with activists across the district, worked hard to make sure we pulled off another first-place finish. Well, it became clear on election night that the district voted resoundingly for then-candidate Peter Flores. He became the first Republican in 139 years to represent SD19! We had done it. Well in politics there is no such thing as taking a break. We had a general election to win now. I worked hard for all Republican to ensure victory. We managed to pull off such a high turnout for Republicans in a year that was crucial. We played a key role in ensuring we didn’t have a Democrat representing us in Congress. Our current US Representative, Will Hurd, won the sprawling 23 congressional district of Texas by 926 votes. During the previous midterms, the average Republican got about 1300 votes. In 2016 the average Republican got 2100. In 2018 the average Republican got 2800 votes! Had I not moved to motivate Republicans to go show up and vote we might have a Democrat representing us in Congress. That wasn’t the only victory we had in 2018. Back in 2016, only 2 individuals got more votes than President Trump here in Maverick County. In 2018 we had 9 candidates get more votes than President Trump! That means that we created more Republicans in 2018! It is very rare when candidates in a midterm year get more votes than a presidential candidate! Also because of high turnout from Republicans, we also increased the number of delegates we get to send to the state convention. Previously we were only able to send 4 delegates. Now we are able to send 12 delegates! This was all done before I became your chairman! Since becoming your chairman we have accomplished a lot more! I have been able to be in contact with our elected officials to make sure that the needs of Maverick County are met. I have had conversations with State Senator Flores, Governor Abbott, and Lt Governor Patrick about the rising property taxes, education reform, pro-life issues, and many more issues. These issues were addressed in the 86th legislature. We were able to finally open up a bank account for the party. We increased the number of precinct chairs from 2 to 7 precinct chairs. We have been in constant contact with various organizations to plan for events to come in 2020! Like I said in politics there is no such thing as taking a break. I will not give up fighting for conservative values. 2020 will be my first election as your county chair, and my work has spoken for itself. We are just getting started!