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Electing Republicans is our job, spreading conservative values is the goal!

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Spreading Conservative values

What we do

Electing Republicans to office

Since the 2018 midterm election we have become very active in helping elect Republicans to various positions. The turnout that we saw in 2018 caused so many victories. We helped elect the first Republican to represent Texas Senate District 19 in 139 years. The amount of voters that turned out to vote also ensured that we didn’t have a Democrat representing us in Congress. We helped keep TX23 in Republicans hands. In 2020 we plan on playing a pivotal role in not only keeping the 23rd congressional district red, but we also plan on flipping Texas’ House District 74. The fight for Texas begins here!

Spreading Conservative Values

The main goal of the Maverick County Republican Party is to spread conservative values with all voters of Maverick County. We believe that all life is sacred. Today’s Democrat Party believes that a baby should be aborted up until the moment of birth. We believe in limited government. The government should not meddle in the affairs of citizens. The Democrat Party believes that government should coddle you for every little thing. We believe in a free market enterprise. There should be little to no restrictions, regulation, or burdens when it comes to an exchange of goods and services. Our Democrat counterparts want more restrictions, more regulations, and more burdens for vendors. We believe that we need stronger border security. Our Democrat counterparts constantly call us racist for not wanting illegal immigrants in our country. Let’s be very clear. We Republicans are for LEGAL immigration. In fact, we encourage more legal immigration into the country. We just ask that they come to this country the LEGAL way. In order to spread conservative values we need your help to reach all voters with ads, meet and greets, and voter registration efforts. All of this comes with an expense so we ask that you please donate today to help spread conservative values all over Maverick County.

Voter Registration Efforts

In an effort to increase voter turnout for Republicans, we have began to team up with the election administrators office to hold VDR trainings. We do this so we conservatives can register other conservatives to go out and vote. If you are interested in becoming a Voter Registrar, contact us and fill out the form below. We will contact the election administrator’s office to hold a training. The training should not last more than an hour.

2020 March 3rd Primary Election information

2020 March 3rd Primary Ballot order

This is where you can find the candidates that will run for office in the March 3rd Republican Primary.

Find out if you are Registered to vote

Use this link to find out if you are registered to vote. It will also tell you what precinct you are located in.

Mail in ballot Application

If you will be out of the county for any election, during the entire election period, fill out the form above.

The Trump Campaign is going to be investing in the border this cycle bigly!

Click on the button below so we can set your yard sign aside. The Trump campaign will be sending signs over here by early February! #Trump2020